Lip Piercing: What You Need To Know About Lip Piercing

Lip piercing  what you need to know

Lip piercing has become very popular and widespread especially during the last decade! Let’s find out more together! Initially, it seemed to be mainly the preserve of women while lately it has also been rediscovered by the male sex: in fact, it turns out to be a very sensual and mischievous piercing, but before choosing it, it is good to know a little something about it.

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Some information

The lips in a person’s face are usually a very important part for our beauty, just think of how much attention women dedicate to their care and beauty through lipsticks and lip glosses, so even applying a jewel through a piercing is definitely an attribute of beauty for each of us, something that makes our face unique and particular for others and above all for ourselves.

The types of Lip Piercing and various jewels

There are several points where lip piercing can be practised and its positioning is essentially guided by personal choices and tastes. But let’s discover some of the best known and most used jewels together!


This term indicates one of the most known and used jewels for the realization of a lip piercing! It is composed of a straight bar at the end of which there is a metal plate that is usually hidden inside the lip. At the opposite end, however, the bar ends with a thread to which a perforated bead is screwed, which is usually left outside the lips.

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This jewel can be of various colours and shapes and can have different uses; his choice is therefore guided by the personal or purely aesthetic needs of the individual himself! Below we leave you the three main types of labret that you can find around:

Types of Piercings

Central Labret

At the centre of the lower lip, we can find the so-called Central labret, generally consisting of a small bar with an exit that ends with a ball. It is a type of piercing rather popular and quite simple to make, which does not present particular problems, as long as, as always, it is made by expert hands and in maximum hygiene.

Vertical labret

The vertical Labret is also becoming very popular, which consists of a piercing in which the second end does not remain inside the mouth, but comes out from the upper part of the lower lip. Generally, a curved barbell is used to make it, or a bracket that is able to accompany the considerable curvature necessary for this piercing.


So-called bites are also rediscovering a new golden age, consisting of two parallel holes, be they vertical or horizontal, from which they then take their various names, also depending on the position where they are performed! There are therefore various types and for this, we leave you some sample images below. Later we will resume this speech in an article dedicated to this particular form of piercing.


The Medusa is very popular, practised in correspondence with the concavity placed above the upper lip, where our nostrils are divided by the flap of skin that covers the septum.

How To Do It, Precautions And Advice

Also in this case, as for example for the Nose Piercing, it is necessary to strongly reiterate the need to always turn to specialists for its execution, avoiding in any way improvised operators or places where hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

Do-it-yourself is absolutely banned, as lip piercing is rather simple and free of dangers only if carried out by specialized personnel. The lip piercing is in fact a rather thick area of ​​our body rich in nerve and capillary endings and by piercing it without the necessary anatomical knowledge we can create a real disaster with risks also for health.

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