What Is Tattoos? Hibiscus Tattoos Meaning, History, Design

The tattoo refers to symbols that are the specific art of body modification. In this art, a tattoo expert inserts dyes and pigments, inks, and either indelible or permanent in the layers of the body. The art of tattoo making is called Tattooing. In this article, I would try my best to provide each and everything about what is the tattoo? So if you are looking for information about the tattoo, then read the full post and share your ideas through the comment box.

What Exactly Is A Tattooing?

A tattoo is the art of body modification for permanently. This art is about to insert different shapes and styles in your body. It is going trendy all over the world. But mostly it is growing in western countries like the US, UK, Canada & Australia. It is to make yourself different from the others by different insetting styles on the body.

What Is The History Of Tattooing?

The art of tattooing was found in Europe by searching for different tools. These tools can insert permanent styles and shapes at the body. The reason behind tattoos is different like some use it only for entertainment, and others use it for style. Some use it for ambition, and some sue it for religious history. So there is a specific reason behind this art, and there is not a particular history of tattooing.

How Much Does A Tattoo Cost In Pakistan?

There is no specific price of a tattoo because it depends on the size of the tattoo. Mostly it is charged 1800 to 2000 per inch. The reason behind this high cost is that the ink used in tattoo tools is importing from the USA. So it includes high charges.

Is Tattoo Harmful To The Body?

The tattoo is just for body modification, but it is also highly risky for the skin. It can damage your skin for a lifetime. So our suggestion is to avoid this art to protect yourself from skin diseases.

Hibiscus Tattoos Meaning, History & Styles


Hibiscus is a flower native to Asia and typical of Hawaii and is commonly considered the symbol of summer beauty.  The floral meaning of hibiscus is to:

  • Beauty;
  • Delicacy;
  • Fertility;
  • Devotion;
  • Friendship.

This beautiful flower is also known as the symbol of Hawaii and is often used for the famous Hawaiian flower garlands. In South Korea, hibiscus is the symbol of eternal love. In China, it symbolizes life and courage.

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These Hawaiian flowers faithfully represent beauty, the colour that characterizes them, which is alive and can be described with many different colours that give an unprecedented visual result. These flowers serve to remember deceased people and are a very typical offer and, on the other hand, represent the love for their culture, their land and their traditions, something similar to the love you feel for the place you belong to.

Meaning of Hibiscus Tattoos

The areas on which these flowers are tattooed are usually the shoulder, abdomen and ankle. I think there are other underexploited areas where Hawaiian flowers can also have an excellent result and adapt very well, areas such as the instep, forearm, thigh or neck.

The recommended colours for these flowers are warm colours, such as yellow, orange & red … they can be combined with other colder ones such as blue or purple. Still, to make it a professional result, warm colours must be the protagonists.

If you are a person who identifies with some of the values ​​that have been explained so far or looks like an attractive design due to the great variety in size and colour that this flower offers, this can be a right choice. Furthermore, as already mentioned, they can be accompanied by other designs, both as a detail and as a protagonist design.

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Hawaiian women wear a hibiscus flower in their hair and, if placed behind the right ear, it means that the woman is not available because she is already busy, if instead the flower is positioned behind the left ear, the woman is single. Particular is the case of women who wear two, behind both ears.  In this case, it will mean that the girl is looking for love.

Hibiscus in tattoos

Hibiscus is a beautiful subject for a tattoo thanks to its bright and decorative colours. If you decide to tattoo a hibiscus, don’t forget the symbols associated with it.

White is, almost taken for granted, a symbol of purity and inner beauty. If you decide to use purple, your hibiscus will be a symbol of prosperity You can choose any colour for hibiscus, as long as you are inspired by Hawaiian sunsets, the sun, the serenity and the scent of summer. Very suitable for the flower are yellow, red, pink, blue, purple and orange.

Thanks to its shape, it can be adapted to any part of the body. You can tattoo it, for example, on:

  • Lower back;
  • Hip;
  • Wrist;
  • Calf;
  • Shoulder;
  • It’s everywhere!

The hibiscus is also suitable for men. It is a symbol of loyalty and love as well as absolute devotion. The flower is often associated with other tattoos, such as the classic Hawaiian woman who dances or breathtaking floral landscapes. In short, with the subject there is fun and indulge yourself.


You can choose to tattoo the hibiscus only or to put it next to a beautiful female face, or to associate the flower with symbolic writing. Hibiscus can also be a symbol of memory, of a lost and finished love or a desire.  If you have travelled to Hawaii, you may choose to have the hibiscus tattooed on your skin as a tribute to that magnificent land.

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