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Crown Tattoo Meaning and Pictures


Getting a royal crown tattoo means having a precise idea in mind. Although then the tattoo of a crown can be done in various ways: in black and white, colourful and detailed, small and large, with sparkles, diamonds, or pearls insight. In short, as you may have guessed, this is one of the many truly versatile small tattoos. Also known as corona tattoos, they are among the most popular in recent years.

Later we will see the meaning of the crown symbol in various cultures, but in the meantime know that practically everywhere it means royalty, elegance, and power. The crown is a beautiful object to be drawn on the body. Sometimes it is also accompanied by the word ‘His King’ or with the name of a loved one.

The crown is an easily stylized subject, but always recognizable. It is not necessary to make it large and colourful, it can also be small and be inserted in parts of the body that will surely be embellished and will stand out to a careful eye. In short, wherever you want to do it (we will see which are the best points), the crown tattoo will surely make you appreciate by those who look at you.

Crown Tattoo Meaning and Pictures


There are many points on the body on which you can draw a crown tattoo. If you opt for a small and discreet version, know that in this case the fingers, the back of the ear, or the collarbone are three places where this tattoo will be very elegant. Even on the wrist,  a crown tattoo looks good.

But if you want to overdo it a little and make a big one, then there are many other places you can choose from. For example on the chest, more easily on the left side where the heart is. On the forearm of course. On the shoulder. And why not, on the neck. Some choose the shoulder blade, others the hand.

It is a bit more painful, but the foot can also be a canvas on which to engrave this precious symbol. Don’t forget the belly, where you can exceed in size. Many men decide together with their partners to make two crowns, which therefore must be complementary: he on the right hand, she on the left or vice versa, for example.

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There is plenty of room for creativity, it’s up to you to take advantage of it. And remember that the crown is not a negative tattoo, so it needs to be covered up. Contrary to appearances, it does not mean being narcissistic.


The crown represents authority, a person’s legal right to rule over others. But the “ crown tattoo” is not presumptuous or overbearing. It often represents the power that a person has over himself and his life, one of the main teachings of therapists. The control you have over your desires and feelings. Here, the crown thus becomes the emblem of self-control, of power, used wisely and in the right way.

Don’t forget the other meanings of the crown tattoo: victory, honour, dignity, dedication, completeness, the circle of time, continuity, and infinite duration. The crown with beams of light is the energy and power contained in the head, once considered the seat of the soul and attribute of the sun gods. So: supernatural people, saints.

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The points of the crown are the rays of the sun. A crown of evergreens is instead life, immortality, and more victory. A crown on someone’s feet means giving up royalty and dignity. The turreted crown, finally, symbolizes the turreted walls of the shrine of the deity. The body becomes a sanctuary.

Tattoo: the meaning of the crown in various cultures

It is interesting to discover the meaning of the crown in the various cultures to understand something more about the crown tattoo. The crown of the Buddha is his understanding of the five giants.

In Christian culture, it is the righteousness, the blessing, the favour, the victory over death, the achievement, the reward of the martyrs. If it is golden, it is the victory over vices. The Egyptian Pharaoh was crowned with two crowns: the white one of the South and the red one of the North: the world and the higher mind, the world, and the lower minds.

For the Greeks, the crown was the prize for the winner of the Delphi games. In Hindu culture, it is divine glory; in the Roman one, the one radiated by a deity or the sun god. In the Sumerian-Semitic culture, the feather is the authority, power, and celestial power.


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